Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.
What does a training company mean? Do you exist as a legal entity?

Training-training companies (PEs) are innovative tools for studying entrepreneurship and business administration. They are regulated by the 'Center for Education and Training Companies' under the Ministry of Education and Science. They are not legal entities but have specific regulations and registers. In the academic year 2021/2022, 191 UTF and 38 study banks were registered in a total of 98 schools in Bulgaria.

Some of the games require an account at I do not have any. What to do?
  • All students and teachers in the Bulgarian secondary education system have generated accounts (e-mails of the letter-combination When changing schools, these emails do not change until graduation. If you don't have a password and don't know your e-mail address, contact your school principal!
  • If you already have an account with it, you can play Minecraft: Educational version legally downloads office365 (Microsoft office), programs in Power Apps, and use many other Microsoft software.
I want to use the games to diversify the classes, but I don't think I can do it alone. Will you help?
  • Yes of course! We will organize a short online training for you, we will assist you technically to install and access the games.
  • We'd be happy to come to life and demonstrate our products, as well as give you a sample breakdown of time, topics, and questions for running a lesson/lessons with our games.
Why don't you directly link to your games when they are free and get people to order etc?
  • Our specialty is 'e-commerce' and we want to learn how to run a real e-shop. We need to know as many details as possible in the process of online orders, organizing promotions, etc.
  • By diversifying our products, we will experiment with different functionalities of the e-store as a service from 'Shopiko'. With the help of the promo codes, we will be able to further develop our marketing skills.
In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.